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Tiny Airport – currently free! July 17, 2015

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Tiny Airport – Toddler’s Seek & Find Activity Book. on the App Store on iTunes.

Quick grab this free app. This app is normally $2.99 and currently free for download. Wonderkind makes really wonderful interactive apps for young children. I really love this series of apps which are stuffed with lots of touchable features in each of the three scenes. Kids can uncover a treasure trove of hidden animated surprises with sound effects.  This would be a great app to show young children how an airport and an airplane work.

Recommended for older 2’s to age 6.



Dr. Panda’s Airport App gone free today! April 18, 2014

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Dr. Panda’s Airport on the App Store on iTunes.

Hurry and grab this if you have a young child! This app is usually $1.99, but it is absolutely free right now. Dr. Panda is a super fun series of apps for the toddler and preschool set. You can try lite versions of their apps for free.

Young children love pretend play. Dr. Panda caters to this by creating very fun ways to do pretend play on the iPad. In this app, your child gets to explore all sorts of activities at the airport. This would be a great way to introduce your child to how an airport works through a series of mini-games. This may be useful if you have an airplane trip planned and want to show your child what to expect in a fun way. Of course, your child might get disappointed when no cute animal characters actually hang out at the RW airport.

Recommended for ages 2 to 5.



Fodor’s Travel Guide Apps – Free for limited time! April 25, 2012

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App Store – Fodor’s Paris Travel Guide.

App Store – Fodor’s London Travel Guide.

App Store – Fodor’s Rome Travel Guide.

App Store – Fodor’s Barcelona Travel Guide.

App Store – Fodor’s New York City Travel Guide.

App Store – Fodor’s San Francisco Travel Guide.

Hot deal for anyone planning to visit Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, New York or San Francisco from Fodor’s. Their travel apps for these destinations are available for free download for a limited time. Normally, these apps are $4.99.

What a convenient way to have a portable travel guide! The guide uses your device’s GPS location to identify nearby attractions. You can search by neighborhood, sights to see, restaurants, shopping, lodging and nightlife. You can download maps to your device in case you don’t have wi-fi access. They even includes subway maps which are great for all of these cities. There is also this cool field notes feature where you can add your notes and observations to different attractions. It is a travel guide right in your pocket.

That being said, I personally am a huge fan of the DK’s eyewitness series for travel guides. I generally find great pricing at the Costco warehouse. No lightweight travel guide with DK. Just packed with tons of great information and background. If you don’t want to buy theirs, they do have let you create your own personalized guide with a blend of info from their Eyewitness guides and user created content. Create your own personalized travel guide : DK Travel.

Happy traveling!



Museum Month in San Diego — Half-off admission! February 11, 2012

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L@WS and family has been furiously unpacking, cleaning, and organizing for the past week since moving into our new home in North County in San Diego. Finally, we have our stuff back, and I can cook again. I just had to take a break from all the work and post about this great deal in San Diego going on right now.

Museum Month in San Diego — Half-off admission in February 2012.

It is the 23rd annual Museum Month here in San Diego. Culture passes can be picked up at any of the 14 Macy’s locations in the San Diego, Temecula and Imperial Valley. This pass allows you to have half off admission for 40 San Diego member museums. This is such a great deal if you live here or visiting!

Here is a list of the participating museums:

Adobe Chapel Museum
Barona Cultural Center & Museum
Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Bonita Museum & Cultural Center
Coronado Museum of History & Art
Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum
Gaslamp Museum at Wm. H. Davis House
Heritage of the Americas Museum
La Jolla Historical Society
Lux Art Institute
Maritime Museum of San Diego
Marston House & Gardens
Mingei International Museum
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Downtown
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla
Museum of Making Music
Museum of Photographic Arts
Oceanside Museum of Art
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
San Diego Air & Space Museum
San Diego Archaeological Center
San Diego Automotive Museum
San Diego Botanic Garden
San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum
San Diego History Center Museum & Library
San Diego Model Railroad Museum
San Diego Museum of Man
San Diego Natural History Museum
Serra Museum
The New Children’s Museum
The San Diego Museum of Art
The Warner-Carrillo Ranch House
Tijuana Estuary Visitors Center
Timken Museum of Art
USS Midway Museum
Veterans Museum & Memorial Center
Visions Art Museum
Water Conservation Garden
Whaley House Museum
Women’s Museum of California

This deal is only good while supplies last.



Video Baby for iPad December 19, 2011

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Video Baby for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

I am finally back online and ready to start blogging again. Since my last post, we moved out of our house, did Thanksgiving without a home, moved to San Diego, put out house on the market, sold our house, bought a new home (we will move in February) and came back to the Bay Area for Christmas with the family. Whew! I am one tired mom.

Anyways, I just had to give my first app shout out for this new app I found called Video Baby for the iPad which is literally a life saver for me since my husband misplaced the charger for our portable DVD player that I was planning to use on the plane to entertain my son. I know that it says it is a free app. That is true in the sense that they let you try out the app and upload one video. However, if you like them on Facebook and link to them, they will discount the upgrade to unlimited uploads and profiles by $1 to $2.99. That is rather steep for an app, but it is totally worth the $2.99.

This app allows you to create user profiles for each one of your kids and upload a picture next to the profile so even your toddler can identify their own profile. This is great if you don’t want your toddler to be watching things that your 6yo is watching. You can then create different playlists for your child and upload youtube videos to fill the play list. Everything is clearly navigable for very young children since it is image driven. Within an hour of loading up Video Baby, I was able to easily create playlists of a dozen videos each of Curious George, Caillou, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse, and Thomas. This app is so great since you do not need internet connectivity to use it. The Netflix app is awesome as long as you have a wi-fi connection. This solves the problem of non-DVD equipped vehicles, being on an airplane, or the dreaded waiting rooms or lines.

He is able to easily navigate and play his own videos. I don’t have to worry any more about him clicking of the wrong video in the youtube app by accident. (Darn those people who upload “dirty” versions of children’s shows.) The app also feature a lock feature for the settings which controls profile and video management. However, I find the “lock” a little to prominent and easy to unlock. I findHopefully, they will go to a password/alphanumeric code to unlock. Also another useful tip to remember is that the video search function is very elementary and will search for the specific word or phrase only in the title of the video. It helps if you know the exact title of the videos you want to upload.

I highly recommend this app to anyone with children and especially if you travel.


Tip: I personally don’t link my FB account to external apps. So, immediately after purchasing the app at the discounted price, I removed the app from my FB account settings. There is no need to stay linked to Video Baby.


Go-Go Babyz Kidz Travelmate October 3, 2011

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Just coming back after more than a week offline. I was off vacationing in Maui (will definitely blog about that later) with my family for a much needed break. I thought I would start off my latest blog entry to give a shout out for the Go-Go Babz Kidz Travelmate. This product rocks! Having used both this and the Sit and Stroll ($249), my props go for the Travelmate which is considerably cheaper. You might balk a little at the price $72, but it is well worth it if you travel by air with your own car seat. Who wants to rent a car seat of questionable cleanliness or quality?

The Travelmate made traversing a crowded airport on Saturday an absolute breeze. I can not tell you how many parents and grandparents commented on the Travelmate as we strolled on by at a pretty fast clip which would make racing to make a transfer so easy. It was a piece of cake for me to push the Travelmate and pull a carry-on* behind me. Even with a heavy car seat like a Sunshine Kids Radian with the steel reinforcement,  the wheels and set up make the ride very smooth and lightweight. There were quite a number of dads and a few moms that were pretty envious trying to corral their babies/toddlers, strollers and car seats through security and the airport.

I didn’t realize how handy this was going to be until our return flight from Maui which was delayed 7 hours which turned a 9 pm arrival to a 2:30 am ordeal. He did not fall asleep until 10 minutes before landing after crying and screaming for what seemed like eons. P lifted M fast asleep in his car seat and carried him right off the plane. We set the car seat down and released the handle which telescopes to different heights which makes it really great for the tallest or shortest of parents. We literally strolled away to baggage claim past many families of very tired parents with exhausted little ones that were woken up to deplane. They had to wait for their gate checked strollers and car seats (Tip: Always buy FAA compliant car seats to ensure your car seat will fit) to arrive. P left in the airport shuttle to get our car. It was really great to be able to remove the Travelmate and install the seat right into the car without waking M up.

I highly (continually since 2006) recommend to any parent (or grandparent to gift) that plans on doing any plane travel. I promise that if you once you use it on a trip, you will find that it was worth every penny. You could also ditch the entire stroller and just go with this and a carrier. I know people that have opted to just drop by the local Walmart to buy their super cheap ($15) umbrella stroller at their destination which they would just donate/leave behind.


*Travel Tip: Why do I travel with a carry-on bag? I always travel with a least one full set of clothes, and any absolute necessities for babies/toddlers/kids like enough diapers, formula, bottles, food, and clothes to get me and the family through 24 to 36 hours if the unfortunate event I get stranded, experience a flight delay, get trapped on a plane sitting on a runway or if my baggage fails to arrive at my destination. You never know what might go wrong en route to your destination and whether or not you can find a store that is going to be open or easily accessible where you end up.


My Go Box August 22, 2011

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My Accord and now my Sienna always has what I call my Go box in the trunk. This is what I usually suggest that new parents put in their cars. It is my indispensable, get me out of a jam, emergency box. I use a medium-sized clear plastic tote for my go box. This is the box I go to when:

  • I forgot to pack something I need in my diaper bag.
  • I forgot M’s lunch tote or pack snacks for a car trip.
  • We unexpectedly ended up staying overnight somewhere.
  • We got stranded in the car for some reason.
  • I somehow got throw up on or had to deal with a very messy blowout or toilet training accident
  • Or I just plain need to rescue myself in a pinch.

When M was a baby and young toddler, this is what I kept in the go box.

  • 1/2 dozen of the 4 oz. travel packs of powdered formula
  • 4 to 6 glass jars of baby food
  • 2 packages of freeze dried TJ fruit (usually mango & banana) which keep well even with temperature fluctuations
  • 1 baby bottle or later sippy cup and toddler utensils
  • 10 diapers and 2 nighttime diapers
  • 1 ziploc bag that had a handful of folded paper towels, 3 pairs of latex free gloves, 1/2 dozen plastic grocery bags, and a travel pack of clorox cleaning wipes
  • 1 ziploc bag that has anti-bacterial gel, a travel sized baby powder*, a travel first aid kit & travel sized diaper cream, a travel pack of baby wipes, and a travel sunscreen.
  • 1 complete set of layered clothing for myself, P, and my son. (remember to change sizes for your kids)
  • 1 rolled up neat sheet (for impromptu picnics, park visits, etc.), 1 rolled up fleece throw, 1 rolled up baby blanket, and 1 rolled up towel.
  • bucket hats for myself and M which pack easily
  • 1 travel umbrella

Of course, this is in addition to having a good car emergency kit with flares, tools, cables, etc. Of course, each family’s Go box will differ depending on what your needs are and what stage your kids are in. Hopefully, my Go box list gives you an idea of where to get started in packing your box.

Remember the Boy Scouts motto: Always be prepared!


* you might be wondering why I pack a travel sized baby powder in the car. This stuff does an amazing job of removing sand from little hands and feet. Just sprinkle a little on and rub the sand right off and keep that stuff from tracking into the car and house.


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