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My Go Box August 22, 2011

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My Accord and now my Sienna always has what I call my Go box in the trunk. This is what I usually suggest that new parents put in their cars. It is my indispensable, get me out of a jam, emergency box. I use a medium-sized clear plastic tote for my go box. This is the box I go to when:

  • I forgot to pack something I need in my diaper bag.
  • I forgot M’s lunch tote or pack snacks for a car trip.
  • We unexpectedly ended up staying overnight somewhere.
  • We got stranded in the car for some reason.
  • I somehow got throw up on or had to deal with a very messy blowout or toilet training accident
  • Or I just plain need to rescue myself in a pinch.

When M was a baby and young toddler, this is what I kept in the go box.

  • 1/2 dozen of the 4 oz. travel packs of powdered formula
  • 4 to 6 glass jars of baby food
  • 2 packages of freeze dried TJ fruit (usually mango & banana) which keep well even with temperature fluctuations
  • 1 baby bottle or later sippy cup and toddler utensils
  • 10 diapers and 2 nighttime diapers
  • 1 ziploc bag that had a handful of folded paper towels, 3 pairs of latex free gloves, 1/2 dozen plastic grocery bags, and a travel pack of clorox cleaning wipes
  • 1 ziploc bag that has anti-bacterial gel, a travel sized baby powder*, a travel first aid kit & travel sized diaper cream, a travel pack of baby wipes, and a travel sunscreen.
  • 1 complete set of layered clothing for myself, P, and my son. (remember to change sizes for your kids)
  • 1 rolled up neat sheet (for impromptu picnics, park visits, etc.), 1 rolled up fleece throw, 1 rolled up baby blanket, and 1 rolled up towel.
  • bucket hats for myself and M which pack easily
  • 1 travel umbrella

Of course, this is in addition to having a good car emergency kit with flares, tools, cables, etc. Of course, each family’s Go box will differ depending on what your needs are and what stage your kids are in. Hopefully, my Go box list gives you an idea of where to get started in packing your box.

Remember the Boy Scouts motto: Always be prepared!


* you might be wondering why I pack a travel sized baby powder in the car. This stuff does an amazing job of removing sand from little hands and feet. Just sprinkle a little on and rub the sand right off and keep that stuff from tracking into the car and house.


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