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Why Warp Speed? August 20, 2011

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Enterprise D

Trying to come up with a blog name is like pulling teeth. I am NOT a creative person. I literally ooze practicality out of my pores.

So why life @ warp speed? First, I am blogging about nearly everything that interests me in life. It is such an odd and random combination of topics that I was hard pressed to narrow it down to a particular theme.

Warp speed is what it feels like the speed at which my life goes at these days. There is never enough hours in a day to do everything that I want to do. Warp speed is also nod to the fact that I am a Trekkie through and through. I loved watching TOS (the original series) while growing up. I became a fan in elementary school and am still a fan to this day.

In fact, Spock was my favorite character on the show which probably explains a lot of things about me. Oddly enough, M & I can both do the Vulcan one eyebrow lift much to P’s chagrin. He thought that there is something not quite right about a 8 month old baby being able to do the eyebrow move.

My absolute fav Star Trek series is TNG (The Next Generation) followed by TOS, Voyager, Enterprise and DS:9. (Show me any 3 sec clip from TNG, and I can tell you the plot summary for the eppie.) I am also a huge fan of sci-fi especially Stargate. The big glaring sci-fi exception is that I am NOT a Fangirl. Just don’t much care for George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise. However, that is an explanation best saved for another time.

I will sign off with this from M’s T-shirt…

Boldly going nowhere at warp speed,



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