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Preventing the Viral Merry-Go-Round. August 23, 2011

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Prevent the Top Back-to-School Infections.

This is one of my favorite soaps from Trader Joe’s:

Just saw this timely article as the new school year is kicking off. There are a few caveats that I would add to these suggestions.

  1. Be mindful of over-use especially with young children who have a tendency to put their hands in their mouth. These gels are mostly alcohol; there are cases of young children in preschool and daycare settings getting alcohol poisoning or drunk off this stuff. I really only use this in the rare occasions where soap and water are just not available.
  2. The under 5 set gets sick a lot. I saw the stat that the average Kindergartener gets sick 12 times a year. That’s once a month! Pretty hard to control babies, toddlers and preschoolers from touching things, each other and then their mouth, nose or eyes. You don’t even need kids to mouth toys, it is so easy for it to happen when you see kids snacking and then running off to play. Instant germ factory on those hands. You only get viruses if they get into your system, and that’s usually through an orifice.
  3. Stay away from anti-bacterial products.There are alternative gels, wipes, and soaps (like TJ’s lavender hand soap) out there. The proliferation of use of anti-bacterial products is not good for our world. It is creating the environment where super-bugs aka drug resistant bacteria and viruses are becoming more common, and that is a truly dangerous situation.

I suppose that in the end that we all do our best to maintain good hygiene, but eventually kids do get sick. When it seems to happen every two or three weeks, I try to stay patient by telling myself that M is building his immune system. Cold comfort, I know, when you are dealing with a cranked out kid or trying to juggle who is going to take a sick day.



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