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Duck Duck Moose Apps – free today! August 26, 2016

Duck Duck Moose

It’s been awhile. Our summer has been PACKED with activities. I’m looking forward to the fall when things slow down, and we are back into our homeschooling rhythm and routine.

I saw this fabulous deal today…seriously DO NOT miss out on this freebie deal. Duck Duck Moose made all their apps free today. I simply love their learning apps for kids. They develop wonderfully interactive and engaging apps. I haven’t ventured over to check out their offerings in a while since we are well past early learning apps. Some of our all time faves: Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, Fish School, Moose Math, Park Math and Word Wagon….plus a lot of others.

I am excited to get out Pet Bingo, Chatterpix and Wizard School which are targeted towards older elementary kids.

Ages: 2 to 12 (depending on the app)



Ticket to Ride Pocket – currently free November 6, 2015

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Source: Ticket to Ride Pocket on the App Store

Source: Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket on the App Store

This is one of my all time favorite German style board games to play. The mobile pocket versions is totally free right now. This is an award winning app. This is perfect to whiling away time on your holiday travels for yourself or the kids. I love that you can opt to play locally over wi-fi or bluetooth so that you can play with whoever you are hanging out with.

I love that Ticket to Ride engages you in thinking strategically since you are not building routes in isolation.

Recommended ages 8 and up.


ETA: Be sure you are looking at iPhone apps on your device.


Dr. Panda’s Daycare – currently free! December 26, 2014

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Dr. Panda’s Daycare on the App Store on iTunes.

I don’t want to leave out the littlest users out today. So, I found this freebie. for you. Tribeplay makes a really fun series of creative play apps for the toddler and pre-K set. If you are a fan of Bamba or Toca Boca apps, Dr. Panda is right up your alley. This app is normally $2.99, and you can download it absolutely free right now.

Recommended for ages 2 to 5.



Chess Masters app – gone free today! September 12, 2014

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Chess Masters on the App Store on iTunes.

Also a good chess app for kids. It is normally $2.99, but it is free for download today. I have to run out of the door and will revise this review. I did want to let you know asap about this deal today.



Math Slicer App – currently free!

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Math Slicer Free on the App Store on iTunes.

Sorry for the long silence on my blog! Things have been crazy with the ramp up of our homeschool co-op and prepping for a couple of classes that I am teaching for this fall.

I don’t have a lot of time to write a detailed review, but I wanted to bring this awesome app to your attention. This is an award winning app that has gone free. (normally $ 0.99) If your kid likes Fruit Ninja or other slicing games, then this is right up your alley and just in time for school. Kids need to practice their math facts. You can do it with flashcards or you can do it in a fun way like with Math Slicer. You can practice all four operations. The game offers different levels of play as well.

Here’s the youtube preview of the game:

Recommended for grades K-5.



Chess Academy for Kids by Geek Kids – currently free for limited time!

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App Store – Chess Academy for Kids by Geek Kids.

This is a fabulous app that I have been meaning to post about for the last two years! I am motivated now because I just noticed it is being offered for free right now! This is normally a $4.99 app. This is an award-winning app that made Apple’s New and Noteworthy shout out. This is a great app for kids (or even adults) who want to learn to play chess. There are great tutorials to help demonstate and practice tasks each piece can do. The app does a great job of teaching about special moves, how pieces move, rules of the game, strategies of play, and even the relative value of pieces.

I really like the freature where you can have a special two player game mode for beginner players. The app helps players by showing all the possible moves that can be made. The game  can automatically reorient the screen for each player’s turn so you don’t have to keep flipping the iPad around. There’s a undo and redo feature as well plus the game can be set to not allow you to move the king into harm’s way.

The app is designed for multi player play as well as play against the computer. It also can track each player’s progress and achievement with the tutorials, tasks and games and shows progress on an achievement bar.

This is such a great addition to your app collection and will help your child develop great higher order thinking skills, strategic thinking and analytical skills which are all excellent foundational math skills.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.




Little House Decorator App – free for a limited time! April 21, 2014

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Little House Decorator on the App Store on iTunes.

No time for an extensive review. This is a pretty decent creative app for children that enjoy decorating a house in a simulated doll house app from AppySmart. This app normally sells for $1.99. You can check out an overview here: http://youtube/ZQEmmv0GvUU

Recommended for children 4 to 7.



Animal Circus: Toddler’s Seek & Find App gone free today! April 18, 2014

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Animal Circus: Toddler’s Seek & Find. An interactive activity book (2+) on the App Store on iTunes.

Toddler’s Seek & Find – My Little Town (HD+). An interactive picture book. for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

My Animals: Toddler’s Seek & Find – An interactive activity book (HD) on the App Store on iTunes.

Tiny Firefighters on the App Store on iTunes.

My Zoo Animals: Toddler’s Seek & Find – An interactive activity book. on the App Store on iTunes.

My Little Town: Toddler’s Seek & Find (In The Morning). An interactive activity book (2+). on the App Store on iTunes. (free version)

Toddler’s Seek and Find has a number of  interactive picture book app for the iPad and iPhone that are top rated, award winning, and very popular. Currently, Wonderkind is offering the HD version of Animal Circus for free download for a limited time. This is normally $1.99. I also linked the free version of My Little Town app.

This app is full of colorful hand-drawn illustrations, and nearly everything on the page is interactive with interesting and funny animations and sounds. This makes it a perfect app for toddlers who are just interested in tapping the display and aren’t ready for more complicated play on a device. M still loves this app, and it always elicits a ton of giggling. Even though, I have clourophobia, this app is cute enough that I can handle playing with it with M.

Highly recommended for 18 months to 4. Grab the HD version of My Animal Circus while it is still free. Check on the developer’s page for other versions of the apps that will work with your device.



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