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Draw Along with Stella and Sam App – Free today only! September 25, 2012

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Draw Along with Stella and Sam for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

I’m not sure exactly how much longer this art app will be free. If you love Stella and Sam, this is a great first art app for little ones. Grab this one while  you can. Normally, this app is $1.99.


BrainPOP Jr App – New and free! June 27, 2012

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

App Store – BrainPOP Featured Movie.

I have been such a huge fan of BrainPop which are like educational shorts on a wide variety of topics: Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Math, Health, Arts and Technology. I love, love, love how they humorously teach kids, but I have been insanely impatient because BrainPop is aimed at upper elementary students (some junior highers might enjoy them as well). You don’t need an Apple device to access their offerings since they do have websites and where you can see the free movies as well.

However, how cool is it to have access on your iPhone or iPad? There is a free movie offered every week or you can subscribe in-app on a monthly basis for additional access. Keep in mind that you have to go to their website in order to set up your log-in for access for the free trial period. The new BrainPop Jr is targeted to the K to 3rd grade audience which is perfect to supplement for my homeschooling adventures with M.

Highly recommended for kids 4 to 8.



Let’s Color! and Squiggles! Coloring Apps – Free! June 1, 2012

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Let’s Color! for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Squiggles! for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Whenever I see coloring apps, I usually yawn because inevitably most coloring apps are pretty much the same after a while. However, Lazoo has two awesome coloring apps that are geared for toddlers and preschoolers that made me sit up and take notice! These apps are free for download with optional in-app purchases for additional scenes.

Just simply select a picture and scribble and draw away. Tap the Go! button and watch your picture come to life. Watch your cars zoom off the screen with your scribbled “exhaust” or the water hose shoot out your scribbles as “water”. This app is so much fun to play for little ones. These are two really excellent apps and even better, there are no ads!

Highly recommended for 2 to 5. Can be used with older toddlers with parental assistance.



Splash of Color App – Free! March 25, 2012

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App Store – Splash of Color.

Splash of Color is a cute free coloring app for the iPhone and iPad. It has some neat little features that makes it pretty fun. I like that they have a lot of different textures that you can color in addition to their color wheel. I also like the “stickers” that you can add to your drawing. There are plenty of “pages” to color. The only downside is that it takes more than one tap to switch colors versus offering a range of colors on a sidebar which makes it less user friendly for very young children.

Recommended for children 3 and up.



Color Wall HD app – Free for limited time! March 22, 2012

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Color Wall HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Color Wall HD is a very nice coloring app for kids. Normally $1.99, it is currently free for download. You can switch between auto-fill or brush coloring. It is very easy to switch colors, and there are plenty of coloring “pages” to play with. I would skip paying for it as there are plenty of free coloring apps available.

Recommended for ages 18 months and up. Grab it while it is free.



Color & Draw for kids app – free today only! March 1, 2012

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App Store – Color & Draw for kids: Coloring book, drawing pad, alphabet tracer, and photo decorator.

Hot download right now. Color & Draw for kids app for iPhone & iPad is free for today only. (Normally $1.99) This app won the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award and is an Apple Staff pick . One of the slickest children’s art apps out there.

A coloring book, drawing pad, alphabet tracer, and photo decorator. This app will provide a ton of fun for your child. You actually can get a true curve versus a jagged line when you draw.

Grab this while this deal lasts!

Highly recommended for age older 2’s to 8.




$24.99 Melissa & Doug Deal August 24, 2011

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Kids.Woot® : One Day, You’ll Understand™.

We love Melissa and Doug toys at our house. They are very sturdy, well designed, and hold up well over time. This 3 pack bundle includes the upper/lower case alphabet wooden puzzle, the ABC stacking/nesting cubes and the upper/lower case alphabet stamp set.

Great pricing. As always, the woot deal is only until 10 pm PST or until they run out.



Crayola – buy 1, get 2 free! August 21, 2011

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Toys ‘R’ Us – Newspaper Ads.

If I didn’t already have a huge stash of art supplies in our home school cupboard for M, I would totally be here. Toys “R” Us is having a buy 1, get 2 free deal for Crayola crayons and markers until 8/27.

I don’t buy any traditional, old school crayons for M. Instead, I stocked up on these Twistable Crayons which completely solves the problem of broken crayons and the subsequent tears when Mom can’t put the pieces back together. Toddlers can be incredibly hard on regular crayons even the triangular and jumbo crayons. So, this solves the drop & break and death grip problems. The shape is good for acclimating your child to the shape and feel of a pencil or pen. I also love that I can pack a few in my bag for M and not worry about them breaking or getting crayon all over everything since you can retract the tips. These also come as Twistable Color Pencils.

Another favorite Crayola product right now is the washable dry-erase crayons which completely eliminate the horrible chemical smell of dry erase markers. I don’t want to deal with the problem of M marking up the furniture and cabinets in our house or trying to scrub dry erase marker off his hands. Some people have complained that it is hard to erase with the cloth that comes with the pack. Actually, using baby or wet wipes takes the crayon right off the white board. I love these because I can just leave the crayons sitting out on M’s whiteboard tray which means that he can write his letters and numbers any time he wants instead of waiting until I have time to supervise marker use. These are a great even for toddler hands because the crayons are thicker like beginner crayons.

I also love the Pipsqueak Crayola markers and pencils. These are shorter markers with a thicker barrel which works perfectly for toddler hands. Also the tips of the markers are more blunted and rounded which is great for the tectonic plate level pressure that M’s hands put these markers through.

Have fun with your kids making interesting art projects!



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