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Best store-bought brownies… August 25, 2011

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Since I am not really that into baking, there is no way that I will make the effort to make from brownies from scratch with the whole melting chocolate in a double boiler effort required to do it right. I tried it a couple of times with good results, but it was way too much effort since I just only want to eat a small serving out of the entire batch.

Upon occasion, I want to have a brownie, but I want it to be a good one. Those two bite affairs that the stores sell these days are everywhere. I have tried a lot of them to figure out who has the best tasting and with the most recognizable ingredient list. Whole Foods Two-Bite Brownies ($6.99/tub) wins hands down in my opinion. It is neither too cake-y or too fudge-y and has that good quality chocolate taste with just enough intensity.

I know lots of you buy the Petite Brownie Bites made by Sugar Bowl for Costco. I really don’t like them. Weird as it seems, I can tell just by looking at them at a potluck or party that they are the Sugar Bowl ones. I know they are convenient and come in a huge tub at a cheaper price, but they taste really over processed. I find that they are too dry, and the chocolate flavor is just not quite right. I suppose I am just a quality over quantity girl.

P & M both love chocolate and can go to town on these. I don’t feel too badly about giving M one of these since they are so small. He just gets so excited to have his own “choc-O-let cake” to eat. It doesn’t happen very often since I live more than 1/2 hour from the nearest Whole Foods.

Just my two cents on two bite brownies.



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