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November 2, 2012

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Little Things is free again today. And Forever is $0.99.

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Little Things® for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Little Things® Forever for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Who didn’t love those I Spy books or those Hidden Picture Puzzles in Highlights Magazine when you were growing up? I suppose it isn’t a very well kept secret that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and playing with those I Spy books with my nieces.

Klicktock has recently released a follow up to their top rated, best selling Little Things App for the iPad called Little Things Forever for the iPhone and iPad. In honor of this, they are offering Little Things for free and have discounted Little Things Forever to $0.99. Both are normally $2.99. This is an awesome deal!

I love how this app offers up a different game every time you play…

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October 7, 2012

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These apps have gone free again. Super fun for toddlers. Don’t miss out this time around.

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Toddler’s Seek & Find – My Little Town (HD+). An interactive picture book. for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

App Store – Toddler’s Seek & Find: My Zoo Animals. An interactive activity book.. (free version)

Toddler’s Seek and Find has two interactive picture book app for the iPad and iPhone that are top rated, award winning, and very popular. Currently, Wonderkind is offering the HD version of My Little Town for free download for a limited time. This is normally $1.99. I also linked the free version of their first app: My Zoo Animals. This app is full of colorful, hand-drawn illustrations, and nearly everything on the page is interactive with interesting and funny animations and sounds. This makes it a perfect app for toddlers who are just interested in tapping the display and aren’t ready for more complicated play on a device. M still loves this app…

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August 29, 2012

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Math apps gone free from McGraw-Hill again today!

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iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Mac Apps, Deals and Discovery at App Shopper – Search Results 1 to 19 of 19 in All Categories for “McGraw-Hill School Education Group”.

Today’s app shout out is for the McGraw-Hill (math curriculum publisher) series of math apps for the iPhone or iPad. They are currently offering a number of their math apps for free download. These fun little games are great for helping kids practice math facts and skills. There are a variety of apps available to cover early math through division, multiplication and fractions.

Highly recommended for students K through 3rd grade. Grab it now while they are free.


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August 23, 2012

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Geo Walk HD is free again for a limited time.

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App Store – Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book.

Today’s app shout out is for the Geo Walk HD for an iPad and iPhone. It is free right now. Normally it is $2.99. This app has sharp, brilliant HD quality images of amazing wonders of the world. You can filter out categories to narrow you exploration, see what is new to the “book”,  quiz your knowledge, or just randomly explore the globe. Every image has a blurb that helps your kid learn about what is so interesting about this wonder of the world.

It is a really great way to interest your kids in geography and the people, plants, animals and places that make up our world. I love the engaging interface. You can even add entries to your favorites for access later or for pulling out certain entries if your child is studying a specific area…

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Wee Sing is free again for a limited time! Reblogging my previous post on this app. I noticed they dropped the paid app price to $2.99 which is still too expensive relative to other apps.

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App Store – Wee Sing & Learn ABC.

From the well known Wee Sing music based learning products, Wee Sing & Learn ABC app is available for free download for a limited time. Normally, this app is $2.99. This app is produced by iStoryTime.

This app does a good job of creating an interactive beginning ABC learning app. You have the ABC song, a play along with the song, interactive ABC animal and musical instruments flashcards, and an explore the letter names. The app is pretty interactive and engaging. However, it is not worth a paid app price of $2.99. There are apps that are far cheaper or free that accomplish the same things although not necessarily all in the same app.

Recommended for ages 18 mos to 4 years. Grab this while it is free!


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June 9, 2012

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I am resharing this blog today as I mark by 40th birthday and mark tomorrow as the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing. Click on Faith and God Musings to read my other posts about this time.

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I thought I would share with you the eulogy I gave for my mom who died at 64 after a 5 year battle with lung cancer. Who I am today is largely due to who she was and how she lived her life. I want to share this also as an encouragement to those of you who have faithfully prayed for your own loved ones. I can testify to God’s unfailing love and faithfulness through this entire journey. Take heart and be encouraged, God works especially when we can not see that anything is happening.


Over the past couple of years and especially over the last few months, I was able to have a number of wonderful conversations with my mom. One day, we were talking about what she would like for her funeral service, and whether or not she wanted to have someone to share about her life…

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FREE Francis Chan eBooks – 2 days only! April 6, 2012

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FREE Francis Chan eBooks for 48 hours ONLY! | eChristian.

Hurry and grab this deal to download Francis Chan’s books: Crazy Love, Forgotten God and Erasing Evil. He is one of the leading Asian American Christian pastors of our generation. His books are incredibly powerful in speaking truth into our modern notions of Christianity and faith.

He has an amazing testimony of faith and of giving sacrificially. After a three-month leave from Cornerstone Community Church (mega-church in Simi Valley), Francis said he felt convicted to sacrifice more for God. Chan gives away about 90 percent of his income, doesn’t take a salary from his church, and has donated most of his book royalties, which have totaled about $2,000,000, to various charities. Much of it goes to  organizations which rescue sex slaves in foreign countries.” Furthermore, in 2008 it was reported that Cornerstone would give away 55% of its income to charitable causes. This is the true picture of what Christianity means to me.

Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in deepening their faith or learning more about Christianity.



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