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AvatarBooks app – Free Today only! May 7, 2013

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AvatarBooks are free all week again. These are really fun e-storybooks where your child is the star.

Life at Warp Speed

AvatarBook PeterPan for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Just noticed this developer offering all their AvatarBook apps  for free download for iPad (2 iPhone apps available), but it ends today (supposedly was ending on 10/7, still available for free as of 10/11). Normally, $1.99 per book.

This is such a fun e-book concept. You snap a picture of your child’s face, and they can watch an e-book animation that features them starring as the main character in a classic children’s story.

Titles available include: Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland (also available in Chinese & Japanese), Pinocchio, Red riding hood, Gulliver, Heidi, Children Songs (only okay, songs are a bit odd).

Recommended for toddlers through early elementary. Grab this before it is gone!


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