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McGraw-Hill Grammar and Phonics App – free for a limited time! April 16, 2013

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Word Wonderland (Primary) Full for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Grammar Wonderland (Primary) for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

No time today for a long review. Just wanted to tell all of you about a few good apps gone free today from McGraw-Hill.

Word Wonderland ($1.99) is a app that helps your child go beyond letter sounds to build on their phonics skills through long and short vowel recognition, blends, etc. They can practice their word sorting skills. There are varying levels of difficult, and separate accounts can be set up for each child. Good for grades K to 2 or for younger gifted learners mastering phonics skills.

Both the Primary ($1.99) and Elementary ($2.99) Grammar Wonderland apps are games designed to help your child practice with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech. The Elementary picks up where Primary leaves off giving you more challenge. It is slightly less “fun” to play than the Primary one. These apps are not designed to teach grammar. Their focus is giving your child a fun way to practice their skills. Good for grades 1 to 4 or for younger gifted learners learning grammar.



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