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Native Numbers app – Free today only! April 12, 2013

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Native Numbers – Complete Number Sense Mastery Curriculum for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

One of the biggest challenges with teaching young children about math is making sure that your child has good number sense. Do they understand the numerical relationships and concepts well so that they are well prepared for arithmetic? Good number sense lays a solid foundation for arithmetic and high mathematics like algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Native Numbers is an award-winning app designed by MIT engineers to teach mastery of number sense to lay a solid foundation of math skills for young learners. This app is normally $9.99, but it is free today for download. What a steal deal!

Native numbers can be used at home or at school. Teachers can learn more about classroom functionality here . I like that this is a well designed adapt that adapts to the individual learner as they master skills scaling up and down in sub-skills of the various concepts. There is also an assessment of skills mastery so that you can see the progress your child has made.

To learn more about what number sense is, why it is important and to learn about Native Numbers, watch this youtube video

This app covers these core skills:

✭ Number Representations: Identify the numbers 1-9 as continuous quantities (rods), discrete quantities (sets of animals), and symbols (numerals)
✭ Number Relations: Answer questions about number relationships using a variety of visual representations and vocabulary (greater/less, bigger/smaller, heavier/lighter, etc.)
✭ Ordering: Arrange numbers in order from small to big and big to small
✭ Counting: Use numbers to put a set of objects in order (ordinal numbers) and to determine how many objects are in a set (cardinal numbers)
✭ Demonstrate Mastery: Apply concepts from previous activities to novel, untrained examples

Highly recommended for ages 4 to 7. Earlier for math adept children.



One Response to “Native Numbers app – Free today only!”

  1. Jeff Durso Says:

    Thank you so much for promoting the app, and helping us bring number sense to every child!


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