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LetsTans Premium for iPad – today only! February 21, 2013

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New LetsTans Premium for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

The full premium iPad version of LetsTans is available for free download for one day only in honor of its release in the iTunes store. I imagine the price will be at least $2.99 or higher based on the pricing of their deluxe version. This is a great app for puzzle lovers. Even though it is considered a “game,” I am a strong believer in tangrams as a learning tool to help children (and adults) develop spatial, crticial thinking, and problem solving skills. Even better, it gives children an intuitive sense of geometry. They are sharpening math and logic skills without even knowing it.

There are over 900 puzzles included in this app. More than enough to satisfy any puzzle lover. There are seven modes of play which increase in difficulty. And yes, there is a hint system in case you get stuck. If you miss out on this, LetsTans does have a few free lite versions available for download.

Recommended for 7 and up. Younger children can play this if they are adept at puzzles, but they will have to learn to manipulate the orientation of the shapes which can be a challenging skill to master.



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