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i write chinese app – free for a limited time August 17, 2012

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easy chinese writing (simplified) – i write chinese for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

This is a pretty nice, attractive Chinese writing app produced by Uniproducts Company Ltd. The full simplified version (normally $1.99) is being offered for free download for a limited time. There are free lite versions that you can try if you miss this deal. There is also a traditional character set which is not free right now. This is a departure from most Chinese writing apps which are organized by the root radical or stroke difficulty. Since the character sets are organized topically and not in graduated difficulty, this app is more suitable for learners 7 years or older.

The app covers 205 characters. Each set includes 17 characters and 5 compound phrases. Every character show what the character looks like stroke by stroke above the tracing order. There is audio for the correct pronunciation and pin yin.  It is really helpful that the tracing practice is numbered with arrows so that your child learns the correct stroke order and direction. I really also like that English, French and Spanish vocabulary is included at the top of the screen with accompanying audio. The only thing that I wish they included would be some sort of a tracing feedback for accuracy.

The topics covered are:

  1. Numbers – 1 to 10, 100, how many, etc
  2.  Nature – sun, moon, sky, etc
  3. Size – small, big…
  4. Family – mother, father…
  5. Direction – up, down…feed
  6. People – he, she…
  7. Food – rice, meat…
  8. Transportation – car, door…
  9. Color – white, pretty…
  10. Fruits –banana, tasty…
  11. Body – eye, listen…
  12. Weather – rain, snow…

Recommended for anyone ages 7 and up. Grab this while it is free!



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