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More free Chinese Apps for Kids. June 3, 2012

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宝宝识字1 for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

I found these Chinese learning apps a few months ago, and just remembered I never posted about them. I have no idea what the name of the developer is since it is only in Chinese. These learning apps are developed for the Chinese educational app market, so keep in mind that there is little or no English support for these apps. Currently, these app are free for download.

The first set of apps (1 of 8 linked above) are good vocabulary apps aimed at the advanced beginner/beginning intermediate level learner. I would estimate aimed at 1st through 3rd grade Chinese students. Each app contains 9 lessons each of which covers a set of 12 characters. Each lesson has a character overview which includes the pinyin, pronunciation, picture, words/phrases that use that character, and sample sentences. Keep in mind, there is no English translation. There is also a multiple choice quiz where you are asked to select the correct character when shown the pinyin, audio and picture hint. The proper stroke order is demonstrated and you can practice tracing over the character. If you are not fluent in Chinese, you can easily find the definitions of the words online.

宝宝识水果 for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

These are some of the best and most comprehensive free Chinese flashcard apps that I have found which can be used with young children. So far, there are current 17 flashcard sets. Each app includes 3 sets of flashcards on the subject matter. Every flashcard has a picture, the word in Chinese, pin yin, and English, pronunciation in both Chinese and English and an accompanying text and audio about the object. The final page of each set has all the pictures from the set which can be tapped on to hear the audio naming the object. For most of the apps, there is also a listening game where you have to match the audio to the correct image. What is nice about this is you can increase the difficulty of the game by increasing the number of images from 4 to 6 or 8. I also like that the game does let you keep trying to match the correct answer. There is also a hint button if you need help.

These are the current vocabulary sets being offered:

  • Vehicles
  • Car Brands
  • Military Vehicles and Weapons
  • Food
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Furniture
  • Household Electrics
  • Common Household Items
  • School Supplies
  • Weather/Nature
  • Flags and Countries
  • Common Signage
  • Games and Sports
  • Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Insects

I have linked one app from each series for you. From there, you can get to the developer’s page to see all 100 plus apps. They have a lot of Chinese e-book apps as well that you can browse through as well which you have to weed through since not all of the stories are good. For the vocabulary, just look for the icons with the bug with the pointer and a number. For the flashcard apps, look for this phrase at the beginning of the app name 宝宝识 and tagged as education. There are four of the vocabulary apps where the game feature is not embedded in the app. You will need download the matching app that has the i人 pictured on the icon.

The flashcard apps are recommended for children 2 and up. The vocabulary apps are recommended for advanced beginner/beginning intermediate learners ages 5 and up.



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