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Let’s Color! and Squiggles! Coloring Apps – Free! June 1, 2012

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Let’s Color! for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Squiggles! for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Whenever I see coloring apps, I usually yawn because inevitably most coloring apps are pretty much the same after a while. However, Lazoo has two awesome coloring apps that are geared for toddlers and preschoolers that made me sit up and take notice! These apps are free for download with optional in-app purchases for additional scenes.

Just simply select a picture and scribble and draw away. Tap the Go! button and watch your picture come to life. Watch your cars zoom off the screen with your scribbled “exhaust” or the water hose shoot out your scribbles as “water”. This app is so much fun to play for little ones. These are two really excellent apps and even better, there are no ads!

Highly recommended for 2 to 5. Can be used with older toddlers with parental assistance.



4 Responses to “Let’s Color! and Squiggles! Coloring Apps – Free!”

  1. motheronedge Says:

    Thank you for these great app recommendations!


  2. Reblogged this on Life at Warp Speed and commented:

    Lazoo is offering Squiggles! and Let’s Color! plus the in-app upgrade of 16 additional coloring pages for Let’s Color! for free right now. Also, Squiggles! for the iPhone is free as well. This is the best coloring app out there right now IMO.


  3. Laura Says:

    Since you’ve reviewed our apps before, I wanted to make sure you got a first look at Lazoo’s just released Magic Stickers!, the ultimate stickering app that asks kids to see the world in a new light! It’s for the iPhone and iPad. (!/id653471372?mt=8)

    Magic Stickers! includes eight whimsical scenes featuring Lazoo’s internationally award-winning art; each with a selection of animated stickers that move and interact with the setting.


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