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BrainPOP Jr App – New and free! June 27, 2012

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

App Store – BrainPOP Featured Movie.

I have been such a huge fan of BrainPop which are like educational shorts on a wide variety of topics: Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Math, Health, Arts and Technology. I love, love, love how they humorously teach kids, but I have been insanely impatient because BrainPop is aimed at upper elementary students (some junior highers might enjoy them as well). You don’t need an Apple device to access their offerings since they do have websites and where you can see the free movies as well.

However, how cool is it to have access on your iPhone or iPad? There is a free movie offered every week or you can subscribe in-app on a monthly basis for additional access. Keep in mind that you have to go to their website in order to set up your log-in for access for the free trial period. The new BrainPop Jr is targeted to the K to 3rd grade audience which is perfect to supplement for my homeschooling adventures with M.

Highly recommended for kids 4 to 8.



Spy Mouse App – Free for limited time! June 16, 2012

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App Store – SPY mouse.

Dun dun DA dah…Dun dun DA da…Baaang! How fun is this top rated game app for kids? This is the current fave game in our family right now. Electronic Arts is offering this for free download for a limited time. Normally, it is $0.99.

Be clever and outwit the hench-cat and recover your cheese as you navigate mazes and solve puzzles on your very own PG spy adventure. Over 80 levels of play to explore and master in increasingly difficult challenges. P really enjoys playing this with M.

Highly recommended for 5 and up! Younger children will enjoy watching and “helping” parents play. Totally worth the paid app price!



Ice Land Adventures App – Free for a limited time! June 14, 2012

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i Learn With Boing: Ice Land Adventures! HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Ice Land Adventures is a super cute and fun early reading skills learning app for preschoolers. This is currently a top rated educational app that is being offered for free download for a limited time. It is normally $2.99. This app has been significantly improved since it was first released.

Ice Land Adventures uses engaging animated games to teach matching, letters, basic phonics and blends, and beginning spelling. The app (it linked online) can allow you to track up to four different players and adjusts in difficulty as your child masters the various skills. The fun rewards section will also help keep your child motivated in their learning. The app also has a detailed report tracking that lets you see your child’s progress and success. Plus, there are no intrusive ads to avoid.

Highly recommended for 3 to 6. Don’t miss out on this one!



Toca Robot Lab App – Free for a limited time! June 11, 2012

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App Store – Toca Robot Lab.

App Store – Toca Kitchen Monsters.

App Store – Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift.

App Store – Toca Doctor Lite.

I love Toca Boca apps! Toca Boca does such a great job of developing clever, creative, interesting, and engaging apps for young children. Right now, they are offering Toca Robot Lab for free download for a limited time! Normally, this app is $1.99.

You get to build your own robot and test out your creation. I love that this developer never has intrusive ads or in-app purchases. Just good fun for your little one and another great app from an award winning developer. I also linked the ongoing free Toca Boca apps above.

Highly recommended for ages 3 and up. Grab this while it is still free!





June 9, 2012

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I am resharing this blog today as I mark by 40th birthday and mark tomorrow as the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing. Click on Faith and God Musings to read my other posts about this time.

Life at Warp Speed

I thought I would share with you the eulogy I gave for my mom who died at 64 after a 5 year battle with lung cancer. Who I am today is largely due to who she was and how she lived her life. I want to share this also as an encouragement to those of you who have faithfully prayed for your own loved ones. I can testify to God’s unfailing love and faithfulness through this entire journey. Take heart and be encouraged, God works especially when we can not see that anything is happening.


Over the past couple of years and especially over the last few months, I was able to have a number of wonderful conversations with my mom. One day, we were talking about what she would like for her funeral service, and whether or not she wanted to have someone to share about her life…

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Two bestselling picture book iStorytime apps – Free for a limited time! June 7, 2012

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Drat! for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Banana Skin Chaos! for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Drat! Something’s Not Right Here! and Banana Skin Chaos are being offered for free from iStorytime for a limited time. Normally, $2.99 and $1.99 each respectively. This is the same developer that developed the Wee Sing app ( and Meet Biscuit (

Drat! Something’s Not Right Here! is a bestselling German story book from  Barbara Schloz. This English translation is quite popular in the U.K. This is a pretty funny story that is highly interactive since you are challenge to spot what’s wrong with this picture throughout the book. There are 80 “mistakes” for your reader to discover. The e-book has lots of sound effects to explore and “hints” to help you if you get stuck trying to spot what’s wrong. You can also toggle between German and English. Be sure to click on “How It’s Done” in order to understand how the app works.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Banana Skin Chaos! is another bestselling German story book from Lilli L’Arronge. This is her first book translated into English and is also quite popular in the U.K. This is a crazy little story that illustrates the concept of the butterfly effect of what could happen if you carelessly toss a banana peel on the ground. This ebook makes heavy use of sound effects linked to various objects in the illustrations which makes it great fun for young reader to tap and explore. A silly, fun picture story that mirrors a child’s vivid imagination.

Recommended for ages 2 and up.



Chinese (and other languages) e-book Apps – Free for a limited time! June 6, 2012

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App Store – RyeBooks: Mulan -by Rye Studio™.

This has been a very good week for apps, especially Chinese learning ones.

Rye Studio has developed a fairly large library of their RyeBooks Apps. In the world of Chinese storybook apps, these are some of the most visually appealing apps I have come across. Rye Studio is currently offering a large portion of their collection for free download for a limited time. Normally, their book apps range from $0.99 to $1.99.

One of the worse things about many of the Chinese e-book apps out of the market is that their English translations are really awful, the poor quality audio, or heavily accented. Rye books avoids all of these pitfalls. You will have to personally judge whether or not you like the individual stories. I find them to be acceptable, but not stellar from a writing and story telling perspective. However, for my personal purposes, I am not expecting great literature, just something acceptable to use for learning Chinese.

One the nice features about these apps is that you can toggle the text to be English, traditional or simplified Chinese with pinyin, traditional Cantonese with Wade-Giles, and even some other languages like Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, etc. You can have audio in these various languages as well. Every book has English and Chinese, but the additional languages vary from book to book. There is also a page of just the story text without the animation which is really useful for reading practice especially since the pinyin can be shown with the characters. You can also record your own audio for the app as well.

Recommended for ages 2 and up.



Rye Science Apps – Free for a limited time.

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MarineLife HD -by Rye Studio™ for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Dinosaurs -by Rye Studio™ for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Rye Studio has two amazing science apps available for free download right now. Normally, $1.99. These two apps are really slick and well designed. Tons of information, sharp images, realistic animation, narration, and a really wonderful way to learn all about marine life.

The Dinosaur app is not quite as fully featured as MarineLife HD, but it is a pretty good introduction to dinosaurs and the artistic renderings are really nice. I really like the geographical maps of the three periods that show where the different dinosaurs lived. There is a Bug HD app as well, but there are only half a dozen insects featured which didn’t seem worth the hard drive space it ate up (nearly 250 MB).

Recommended for ages 5 and up.



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