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Grocery Mate App – Free for limited time! April 25, 2012

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App Store – Grocery Mate – Easy to Use Shopping List.

Grocery Mate is a pretty useful iPhone app (universal) for creating shopping lists. It is available for free download for a limited time. Normally, it is $1.99. It isn’t super fancy with tons of bells and whistles. Just an app that let you create multiple shopping lists with quantities and sorted by department. The only downside is that anything not mainstream isn’t programmed so your ethnic grocery list will have to be typed.  The real attraction behind the app is that it syncs your lists across devices and allows you email and share your list as well. I love that both P and I can add to the lists.

I still like my abcnotes app for making to do lists, but this helps me focus on just shopping. It also solves the problem of P calling and asking if I need anything from the store. No need for that or trying to furiously text him a list on the spot. What mom can ever do that anyways with a child under 5 hanging on their leg? Just sync to update the list, and you are good to go. No more scrounging around for that scratch paper you were jotting things down on. It is so helpful that you can easily edit the list to keep anything that wasn’t purchased. I organize my app lists by store and use it for all my shopping lists.



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