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Ant Raid App – Free for one day. April 20, 2012

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Ant Raid for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

App Store – Ant Raid for iPhone.

Ant Raid is a casual strategy game whose amusing animation reminds me of a Bug’s Life or Antz. It is very easy to learn to play this game with its tap interface. There are separate versions for the iPad and iPhone that are currently available for free download. It is normally $0.99. There are free lite versions available for download.

Your job is to defend the ant colony after a pesticide cloud mutates all the other bugs and animals in the area into enemies (mildly cartoon monster-like) into trying the eat the ants. You have to send your ants to defend the colony and smash the enemy. This app has mild cartoon violence (smashing and destroying bugs) so use your judgement as to what is appropriate for your child. There are over 100 levels of play to explore.

Recommended for 5 to 7 and up. Use your judgement as to whether or not this is appropriate for younger children.



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