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Paper Monsters App – Free for limited time. April 18, 2012

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App Store – Paper Monsters.

Paper Monsters is a pretty entertaining 2D platform style game. designed for the iPad and iPhone. This is available for free download for a limited time (normally $0.99). The graphics in this game are absolutely stellar and unique. Your goal is to explore these four worlds with four levels each. Solve each paper and cardboard themed levels by jumping, bouncing, porting, swimming, and flying your way through various obstacles and jumping on any “monsters” that you come across. The play is similar in style to Sonic or Mario type games. Collect as many gold and silver buttons as you can as you run along your course to the end goal.

You will have to use two hands to play this game since the left side of the screen controls the “joystick” forward and backward motion. The right side of the screen controls any tricks like jumping. For this reason, this game is more appropriate for children that can handle dual hand play on the iPad.

Recommended for ages 5 and up. Worth the paid app price.



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