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Learning Chinese HD App – free for limited time! April 18, 2012

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I am finally back online after an exhausting end to this year’s tax season. I was just going to relax tonight, but I saw this free download pop up for iperfect’s Learning Chinese HD app which is normally $0.99. There is a free lite version.

My son just loves playing with this app. He is inordinately amused by the idea of Chinese phonics. Most Chinese learning apps are focused more on learning to write or vocabulary. This app focuses only on the pinyin standard for Chinese phonetics. I really love how this app turns the dry practice of b, p, m, f, d, t, n, l, etc. into a more enjoyable interactive learning app with cute animated “movies”. I love that it also covers which would be the various combinations of sounds and uses examples of the phonetic sound with actual characters. This app is not designed for English speakers, but it is simple enough to figure out even if you can’t read the descriptions.

Highly recommended for ages 2 to 7. Worth the $0.99, if you miss this deal.



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