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Geared App – Free today only! March 27, 2012

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App Store – Geared. (iPhone, $0.99, free today)

App Store – Geared 2!. (for iPhone and iPad, normally $2.99, discounted to $0.99)

Geared for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad, $2.99)

This week has been a really great week of great free game apps!

Geared is a super fun puzzle app for older kids and adults for the iPhone that is free today only! This is a #1 rated app in many countries. This app has won many awards and accolades including “new and noteworthy” and app stores staff pick. I was lucky to find this a couple of years ago, and just noticed this deal today.

You must correctly arrange and place your gears so that your puzzle design will function. Over 200 levels to play of increasing difficulty. This is an excellent game that teaches spatial, sequencing, and logic skills which are great for reinforcing these key math skills in a non-academic way.

Highly recommended for ages 7 and up. (Can be used with younger kids that are good at puzzles and logic games.) Grab it before it is gone! Otherwise, the iPhone version is a great deal at $0.99 and works well on the iPad.



New York 3D Rollercoaster Rush – Free for limited time!

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App Store – New York 3D Rollercoaster Rush.

Digital Chocolate is offering their top rated New York 3D Rollercoaster Rush app for the iPhone for free download right now. Normally, it is $2.99. This is a fun roller coaster simulation game app played with tilt controls. Race through New York City’s famous sights and skyline on crazy, gravity defying roller coaster thrills. There are free versions available to test out if you miss this free offer. The iPad version is $4.99.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.



Jumpin Puppy app – Free limited time!

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Jumpin Puppy for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Jumpin Puppy is a very fun super fast paced platform style game app for the iPhone and iPad. It is currently free for a limited time. Otherwise, it is normally $2.99. This is a well-designed game app with a lot of different levels of engaging play. Tap to jump, fly and do tricks to grab stars, points, and power ups as you race to complete the course.

Recommended for ages 5 and up. Younger children can play but may be frustrated with the speed of the game. Grab it while it is still free!



Swing Away App – Free one day only!

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App Store – Swing Away.

Swing Away is a cute and fun game app for the iPhone and iPad. It is free for one day only. Normally, it is $0.99. Help the monkey find his way home to his family in the jungle. The platform game is played using a tap, hold, and release which is easy to learn. You must complete your mission to help your sad monkey escape while gathering food and treats for extra points within a specific time period. However, the challenge is learning to the timing of releasing your hold to make a well-timed jump and grab to another vine. For this reason, it is a game for older children and adults. Different goals, a lot of different missions, and increasing difficulty keeps the game play interesting.

Recommended for children 7 and up.



Alphabet Tracing app – Free. March 26, 2012

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App Store – Alphabet Tracing

Alphabet Tracing is a fun and engaging free tracing app for the iPhone and iPad. You child will learn to trace their uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers by following the train, worm or truck animations. Every page has pictures of objects that start with the letter being practiced or the number of objects for the number being practiced. You can opt to buy the add-on feature which allows you to add words and create your own worksheets. The settings can be adjusted so that the app purchase option is not displayed.

I really like to use tracing app with younger children since they do not need to master the fine motor skill of holding a pencil to be able to learn the proper way to write a letter or number. My son enjoyed this and other tracing apps. He basically ended up learning to write by 2 3/4 since he knew the shape that he was trying to form while holding a crayon or pencil.

Recommended for children 2 and up.


Splash of Color App – Free! March 25, 2012

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App Store – Splash of Color.

Splash of Color is a cute free coloring app for the iPhone and iPad. It has some neat little features that makes it pretty fun. I like that they have a lot of different textures that you can color in addition to their color wheel. I also like the “stickers” that you can add to your drawing. There are plenty of “pages” to color. The only downside is that it takes more than one tap to switch colors versus offering a range of colors on a sidebar which makes it less user friendly for very young children.

Recommended for children 3 and up.



Adding Apples App – Free for limited time! March 22, 2012

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Adding Apples HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

Subtracting Sardines HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

Multiplying Acorns HD – Tasty Math Facts for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

Rocket Math HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

App Store – Adding Apples. (iPhone)

Mac App Store – Subtracting Sardines. (iPhone)

This is a really great week for apps especially math apps if you have been following my blog. Read on for more great apps!

Operatio Apps makes a series of award winning apps that are really wonderful in how they introduce and teach addition, subtraction and multiplication in such an engaging and natural manner. Right now, they are featuring Adding Apples app for the iPad and iPhone for free download, and the rest of their apps are discounted 50% to $0.99 for a limited time.

I really love the sharp graphics, the ease of use and the level of interaction that the apps build into the learning process. It is a very clever use of manipulatives to help your child master early math skills. The apps also allow for increasing difficulty. The apps encourage continued engagement through the use of coin awards. I also like that you can have 3 unique users for the app which is great when you are working with more than one child. The addition and subtraction apps are good for ages 3 and up. The multiplication one is good for

I also linked their multi-function Rocket Math HD app which is really a slick, well-developed multi-skill math add with 3 levels of play.  This is a fun, engaging way to practice math skills with the gratification that correct answers mean a successful mission completion. I also really like that a “chalkboard” is linked so that your child can work out the answers on a “workpaper.” This app is designed for the older child and is appropriate for children grade 1 to 5.

Highly recommended! Definitely grab the free app and the others are well worth the money. These apps are great for homeschooling families as well and work well with younger advanced learners. Even better, these apps never have any ads or in-app purchases.



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