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Write On for iPad on the iTunes App Store March 28, 2012

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Write On for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Write On Lite for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (free version)

Write On is one of the most played with and best loved tracing and alphabet apps for the iPad in our family. This is one of the best designed educational app for preschoolers that teach your child to write.

I love that this app incorporates a lot of different animals to associate with each letter. There are over 100 animals featured in the app. On the tracing screen, you have your lined “paper” with the letters to trace. There is a “pointer finger” that demonstrates the correct stroke for the letter. You can toggle between upper and lower case letters. You can switch from the alphabet to tracing the name of the animal which introduces vocabulary and spelling as well. There is audio voicing for each letter and animal name. This is app also incorporates a toggle that switches to cursive tracing which does extend the usefulness of this app.

My son’s most favorite part is the ABC song where 26 animals are pictured which wiggle as each letter is sung. There is also a “personalized” feature in the app where you type in your child’s name for tracing practice. I also really love that this app also allows your child to learn to trace from easy to hard letters based on stroke difficulty in a manner similar to the Kumon method of teaching writing. This is a much more natural, effective, and progressive way to teaching writing.

You can test out this app using the free lite version which limits the number of letters that are available. This app is worth every penny of the $1.99 paid app price and even worth the original $2.99 price. Great tracing apps like this one is why my son was able to pick up a crayon at 2 3/4 and was able to write the entire alphabet on his own without ever being taught to write.

Highly recommended for ages 2 and up.



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