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Animal Puzzle World app – Free for limited time! March 22, 2012

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iReading HD – Animal Puzzle World for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Animal Puzzle World is a pretty cool animal puzzle app for the iPad for kids. It is currently available for free download. Normally it is $0.99 which is well worth the price.

The graphics are pretty cute and visually appealing to young children. The puzzles are suitable for young children since there are plenty of hints and free helps to fill in puzzle pieces. The app is very friendly to young children since the app does not require precise placement of pieces. Each puzzle also include spelling the animal names.

There are over 100 animals featured in this app and organized on a world map so the app also integrates an introduction to basic geography. Once your child solves all the animals in a particular region, they will have successfully completed their album which will then unlock the album’s introductory encyclopedia feature where your child can learn about each animal, characteristics, behaviors, and habits. This is a wonderful introduction to science for young children.

Highly recommended for ages 2 and up. Grab it while it is free!



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    Great app! and it’s free!


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