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Adding Apples App – Free for limited time! March 22, 2012

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Adding Apples HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

Subtracting Sardines HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

Multiplying Acorns HD – Tasty Math Facts for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

Rocket Math HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store. (iPad)

App Store – Adding Apples. (iPhone)

Mac App Store – Subtracting Sardines. (iPhone)

This is a really great week for apps especially math apps if you have been following my blog. Read on for more great apps!

Operatio Apps makes a series of award winning apps that are really wonderful in how they introduce and teach addition, subtraction and multiplication in such an engaging and natural manner. Right now, they are featuring Adding Apples app for the iPad and iPhone for free download, and the rest of their apps are discounted 50% to $0.99 for a limited time.

I really love the sharp graphics, the ease of use and the level of interaction that the apps build into the learning process. It is a very clever use of manipulatives to help your child master early math skills. The apps also allow for increasing difficulty. The apps encourage continued engagement through the use of coin awards. I also like that you can have 3 unique users for the app which is great when you are working with more than one child. The addition and subtraction apps are good for ages 3 and up. The multiplication one is good for

I also linked their multi-function Rocket Math HD app which is really a slick, well-developed multi-skill math add with 3 levels of play.  This is a fun, engaging way to practice math skills with the gratification that correct answers mean a successful mission completion. I also really like that a “chalkboard” is linked so that your child can work out the answers on a “workpaper.” This app is designed for the older child and is appropriate for children grade 1 to 5.

Highly recommended! Definitely grab the free app and the others are well worth the money. These apps are great for homeschooling families as well and work well with younger advanced learners. Even better, these apps never have any ads or in-app purchases.



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