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Edison Training Chopsticks for Beginners March 2, 2012

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Edison Chopsticks Product Range – Training Chopsticks for Beginners.

These are my favorite training chopsticks. Cute and BPA-free! This was developed by an Australian company. These are so comfortable and easy to use. My son was able to eat a bowl of soup noodles easily with these even though it was his first time using it. He is currently 3 years old.

I have seen these sold online, but I was lucky enough to find them at a Marina Foods supermarket in the SF Bay Area for a much cheaper price. Also, parents of lefties are not left out, Edison makes right-handed and left-handed versions.

I highly recommend these if you are looking for training chopsticks. They also sell a “step two” version which is just really a connected pair of chopsticks without the finger holes. You can skip this since you can make a makeshift pair with a pair of child sized chopsticks and a rubber band. However, I do have the step 2 and started using them at 4. There are a couple of “bumps” that do help his fingers stay in the the correct position and not slide down the chopsticks. The tips of the chopsticks have more traction that regular chopsticks which is helpful to young kids.



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