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HappyTruck: Explorer App – Free for a limited time! February 29, 2012

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App Store – HappyTruck: Explorer.

HappyTruck: Explorer for iPhone and iPad is currently free (normally $1.99) . This is a pretty fun app that is very similar to Snuggle Truck. The goal is to deliver your truck load of fruit or vegetables while navigating different obstacles on your drive through the countryside.

I found that the user interface is not quite as refined as Snuggle Truck, but it is more than sufficient for playing the game. There aren’t nearly as many levels since it is not open for development by users. This may be a better option than Snuggle Truck for young children since there are no rockets, dynamite or other pitfalls that you can encounter in Snuggle Truck.

Good for ages 3 and up.



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