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Preschool Prep DVD sets – Saavy Source Deal until 2/19 February 13, 2012

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Letters, Numbers, Shapes & Colors. Offered at $25.

Phonics Set. Offered at $20.

Sight Words set. Offered at $20.

I originally purchased the 7 DVD set (the 4 DVD set plus the Sight Words set) at Costco based on the reviews I had seen of the series. My son just loves this series, and it helped him immensely in his learning journey. Even now, he asks to watch different ones from time to time. However, be forewarned this is not designed for the older child or young children that have been exposed to a lot of children’s television since series is designed to be highly repetitive without a lot of distracting animation or plot lines. So, for an adult, this can be mind numbingly boring. However, for a young child, highly repetitive, very simple presentation of these basic concepts are really what children need to learn.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your child will master letter recognition among other concepts. I actually would recommend that you do not introduce the numbers DVD until your child has mastered the concept of numerical quantity. I believe it is really quite important that children master that skill well before the abstract concept of numerical symbols are introduced. This will go a long way to helping your child in his mastery of early math skills.

This is a good price for the Preschool Prep series. I am getting the Phonics set which I have long thought was a major missing component of the series since Meet the Letters only introduces the names of the letters. Even though M already mastered letter sounds and sight words for over a year now, I am looking forward to using the digraphs and blends DVDs since that is the next step that we need to tackle in his mastery of phonics. He has a reading vocabulary of at least 800 words, but he really can’t progress as an independent reader until he can master the phonics skill of decoding words he doesn’t know.

Highly recommended for young toddlers up to age 4 or 5 depending on exposure to other television. Don’t forget that since this is a Saavy Source deal, you can designate a school to benefit from a portion of your purchase price.


Update: I can say that this phonics set is very well done. They have been able to do what I have been unable to do via teaching: help my son understand blends and digraphs. I like that the letter sounds DVD does identify vowels which is important. That DVD was less useful since he already mastered that, but he did know his vowels after one viewing which is great.


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