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Star Wars Lunchbox and Sandwich Cutter – $4.99 today only February 12, 2012

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Kids.Woot® : One Day, You’ll Understand™.

Okay, Fan Boys and Fan Girls, check out today’s hot deal for your little geek or geekette in training. Oh yeah, we are talking old school Star Wars. None of that Episode 1, 2, or 3 garbage here. You’ve got all your fave characters in a slightly Charlie’s Angels-like pose.

Your LO will be sporting a vintage tin lunchbox (really snack sized though). Oh, the memories that brings back for all of us children of the late 70’s and early 80’s. What is not to like about the Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter sandwich cutters? These can double as cookie cutters as well. At $4.99, this definitely won’t break the bank. They look identical to these at William Sonoma that are regularly priced at $29.95 (currently $9.95 on sale).

Grab this while this deal lasts until 10 pm PST. Seriously at this price, you could probably be the coolest parents on the block if you ordered these for party favors. Of course, you would have to figure out how to get around the limit of 3. Totally doable with some willing family and friends.


Note: This geekette is no Fan Girl, since I am a die hard Trekkie. So, I confess this deal will not make me nearly as excited as Star Trek would.


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