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Bunny Shooter Christmas App – Free! December 31, 2011

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App Store – Bunny Shooter Christmas – a Free Game by the Best, Cool & Fun Games.

If you or your kids love Angry Birds, then check out this free App for iPhone, iPad or Droid. It costs $0.99 to get rid of the ads. They are a bit annoyingly easy to tap on and can lock up the app. So, it may be well worth it to pay to rid yourself of the ads.

This is an addicting little game that plays on the same concept of Angry Birds where the goal is to shoot the bunnies. There is a bow and arrow which you use to aim and shoot at the bunnies or strategically placed . You have to use a little strategic thinking, sequencing, geometry, and physics skills to figure out how to solve the level.

Some parents may have concerns over the bow and arrow shooting theme so I will recommend it for K and up. However, preschoolers can play this as the UI is fairly easy to master.



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