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Video Baby for iPad December 19, 2011

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Video Baby for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

I am finally back online and ready to start blogging again. Since my last post, we moved out of our house, did Thanksgiving without a home, moved to San Diego, put out house on the market, sold our house, bought a new home (we will move in February) and came back to the Bay Area for Christmas with the family. Whew! I am one tired mom.

Anyways, I just had to give my first app shout out for this new app I found called Video Baby for the iPad which is literally a life saver for me since my husband misplaced the charger for our portable DVD player that I was planning to use on the plane to entertain my son. I know that it says it is a free app. That is true in the sense that they let you try out the app and upload one video. However, if you like them on Facebook and link to them, they will discount the upgrade to unlimited uploads and profiles by $1 to $2.99. That is rather steep for an app, but it is totally worth the $2.99.

This app allows you to create user profiles for each one of your kids and upload a picture next to the profile so even your toddler can identify their own profile. This is great if you don’t want your toddler to be watching things that your 6yo is watching. You can then create different playlists for your child and upload youtube videos to fill the play list. Everything is clearly navigable for very young children since it is image driven. Within an hour of loading up Video Baby, I was able to easily create playlists of a dozen videos each of Curious George, Caillou, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse, and Thomas. This app is so great since you do not need internet connectivity to use it. The Netflix app is awesome as long as you have a wi-fi connection. This solves the problem of non-DVD equipped vehicles, being on an airplane, or the dreaded waiting rooms or lines.

He is able to easily navigate and play his own videos. I don’t have to worry any more about him clicking of the wrong video in the youtube app by accident. (Darn those people who upload “dirty” versions of children’s shows.) The app also feature a lock feature for the settings which controls profile and video management. However, I find the “lock” a little to prominent and easy to unlock. I findHopefully, they will go to a password/alphanumeric code to unlock. Also another useful tip to remember is that the video search function is very elementary and will search for the specific word or phrase only in the title of the video. It helps if you know the exact title of the videos you want to upload.

I highly recommend this app to anyone with children and especially if you travel.


Tip: I personally don’t link my FB account to external apps. So, immediately after purchasing the app at the discounted price, I removed the app from my FB account settings. There is no need to stay linked to Video Baby.


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