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Big Changes ahead… November 2, 2011

Filed under: General — lifeatwarpspeed @ 11:03 pm

Normally, I update this blog daily and sometimes multiple times a day. I can now freely share with you as to why L@WS has been so quiet lately. Our family is moving to San Diego away from our beloved Bay Area. God has opened up a really wonderful opportunity for P in the San Diego location of his company. Both P & I have never lived anywhere else, so this is a huge change for us. As a result, you can imagine trying to get our thirty-something selves and our son (and all the stuff that we have accumulated over 3 plus decades) is proving to be quite a feat. Undertaking this move and selling our house during peak holiday season is quite challenging. However, God provides, and we will survive. Posting may be sporadic for the next few weeks.




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