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Booginhead SippiGrip October 14, 2011

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Don’t you hate it when your toddler decides it is really fun to throw his lovey or sippy cup on the ground making you make it up over and over again? It is the quickest way the 3 feet under crowd can drive you nutty in less than 5 minutes. Even worse, trying to disinfect that when it hit the ground or a grungy restaurant floor. Ick!

I love this product so much, I got 4 of them and stashed them everywhere: at home, diaper bag, in the stroller storage pocket, and grandma’s house. No more bending over to pick up cups tossed to the side. The straps are adjustable on both ends so it fits everything. This was especially handy on outings like the park, museum and amusement parks. No more wondering where in the world did M toss that sippy cup because it is literally chained to the stroller.

Highly recommended for use with toddlers. I bought mine at Babies R Us.




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