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Early Reading Apps – Free (Doman method comments) October 11, 2011

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App Store – Phonics Genius.

Today’s app shout-out if for 3 new free learning apps rolled out recently by Alligator Apps. Helping your child master word families and working on a specific phoneme can be tedious process. Who wants to spend precious time making flashcards? Phonics Genius makes it so easy to customize your learning, adjust difficulty, and even add your own words and voices.

App Store – Sight Words List – Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games.

Another major learning hurdle for the early reader is mastering sight words. This app covers the 315 Dolch word list. It has the same customizable features as Phonic Genius. Both have an infant learning mode which uses a larger font and red print as recommended by those parents who follow the Doman* method and want to skip the effort of making their own flashcards.

App Store – Fry Words.

This app tackles the Fry’s word list which covers the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language. Did you know that:

  • 25 words make up approximately 1/3 of all items published.
  • 100 words comprise approximately 1/2 of all of the words found in publications.
  • 300 words make up approximately 65% of all written materials.

These high quality apps are very easy to use both for those parents that are working with infants and toddlers who are early readers and for young readers.

Highly recommended for preschool through early elementary or for parents working with babies & toddlers.


*Glen Doman was the pioneer behind the Gentle Revolution movement. The wikipedia entry on him appears to be biased in their point of view regarding his methods in working with brain injured children. I do recognize that his theories and methods are not without controversy. However, he is fairly well known in the homeschooling world and among parents that are interested in teaching language and math to very young children.

I did not strictly follow the Doman method to teach M to read although I did use two tools that are similar in philosophy (M reads at early 1st grade level and just turned 3 two weeks ago.) I have read his books and adapted many of his techniques that worked for our family (language, math, crawling track, and bits of knowledge). The key take-away that I got and try to integrate every day is to do your teaching/your child’s learning joyously. Enjoy it, be passionate and enthusiastic. Do it only if you are both enjoying the learning activity. Be brief and quick in your learning (about 5 minutes tops). Stop before your child wants to stop. Leave your child wanting to do more and eager for the next time you do that learning activity together. If you do so, you will blur the lines between play and learning and learning will become play.


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