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$17.99 Stoplight Clock – one day only October 6, 2011

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Kids.Woot® : One Day, You’ll Understand™.

Just saw the Stoplight Clock show up on kids.woot for $17.99. This retails on Amazon for around $36. I have an older version that has a little boy driving a race car that I snagged awhile back on a woot deal.

If you are planning to make the transition someday for your toddler to a bed, I highly recommend this clock. Making the transition to a big kid bed is notoriously difficult especially when your little one realizes that they now how the ability to get up whenever they want which magically seems to result in multiple night wakings and also at super early crack of dawn wake times.

The clock uses the very simple stoplight concept. Red means go back to sleep. Green means it is okay to get up. Simple for any little one to understand and easy for you to explain and teach. Much easier than trying to teach them to tell time when they might not even know how to count yet.

Check out the reviews on Amazon here. . Even if you are not making the big kid bed transition yet, you might want to snap up this deal now and just stash it away. I know lots of parents are caught off guard that they need to make the transition with their under 2 toddler when they suddenly figure out how to climb out of the crib.

Parents everywhere know that getting a good night’s sleep (for yourself)  is a precious commodity.



Let’s play with the trains! app – Free!

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Let’s play with the trains! for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Today’s app shout out is for the free Let’s Play with Trains! app for the iPad, iPhone and Droid.

What do you do if you have a train-mad toddler? The trouble with most of the train apps is that they are meant for older preschoolers and up and are far too complex with signal changes and line switching.

This app is insanely simple and easy, just draw lines straight, curvy, or even loop-the-loops. Anything works and presto! a track is created and trains start running. No problem with tracks intersecting because there are no crashes or derailing in this app. Shake the iPad and different backgrounds appear.

Highly recommended for toddlers and preschoolers. Actually even babies will be amused if you create the tracks for them.



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