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Go-Go Babyz Kidz Travelmate October 3, 2011

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Just coming back after more than a week offline. I was off vacationing in Maui (will definitely blog about that later) with my family for a much needed break. I thought I would start off my latest blog entry to give a shout out for the Go-Go Babz Kidz Travelmate. This product rocks! Having used both this and the Sit and Stroll ($249), my props go for the Travelmate which is considerably cheaper. You might balk a little at the price $72, but it is well worth it if you travel by air with your own car seat. Who wants to rent a car seat of questionable cleanliness or quality?

The Travelmate made traversing a crowded airport on Saturday an absolute breeze. I can not tell you how many parents and grandparents commented on the Travelmate as we strolled on by at a pretty fast clip which would make racing to make a transfer so easy. It was a piece of cake for me to push the Travelmate and pull a carry-on* behind me. Even with a heavy car seat like a Sunshine Kids Radian with the steel reinforcement,  the wheels and set up make the ride very smooth and lightweight. There were quite a number of dads and a few moms that were pretty envious trying to corral their babies/toddlers, strollers and car seats through security and the airport.

I didn’t realize how handy this was going to be until our return flight from Maui which was delayed 7 hours which turned a 9 pm arrival to a 2:30 am ordeal. He did not fall asleep until 10 minutes before landing after crying and screaming for what seemed like eons. P lifted M fast asleep in his car seat and carried him right off the plane. We set the car seat down and released the handle which telescopes to different heights which makes it really great for the tallest or shortest of parents. We literally strolled away to baggage claim past many families of very tired parents with exhausted little ones that were woken up to deplane. They had to wait for their gate checked strollers and car seats (Tip: Always buy FAA compliant car seats to ensure your car seat will fit) to arrive. P left in the airport shuttle to get our car. It was really great to be able to remove the Travelmate and install the seat right into the car without waking M up.

I highly (continually since 2006) recommend to any parent (or grandparent to gift) that plans on doing any plane travel. I promise that if you once you use it on a trip, you will find that it was worth every penny. You could also ditch the entire stroller and just go with this and a carrier. I know people that have opted to just drop by the local Walmart to buy their super cheap ($15) umbrella stroller at their destination which they would just donate/leave behind.


*Travel Tip: Why do I travel with a carry-on bag? I always travel with a least one full set of clothes, and any absolute necessities for babies/toddlers/kids like enough diapers, formula, bottles, food, and clothes to get me and the family through 24 to 36 hours if the unfortunate event I get stranded, experience a flight delay, get trapped on a plane sitting on a runway or if my baggage fails to arrive at my destination. You never know what might go wrong en route to your destination and whether or not you can find a store that is going to be open or easily accessible where you end up.


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