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ESV Bible for BibleReader – Free for limited time September 21, 2011

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App Store – ESV Bible for BibleReader.

Just wanted to give a shout out for the ESV Bible for Bible Reader app by Olive Tree that is normally $9.99 but is now available for free download. This is the version that my church is using. This particular app is pretty useful if you are using your iPad or iPhone at church or for Bible study. You can highlight or bookmark passages and write notes and sync it with another device. Not bad since it is free if you are not ready to shell out $10 to $40 for more high functioning Bible apps or not prepared to buy a hardcover copy of ESV before checking it out first.




2 Responses to “ESV Bible for BibleReader – Free for limited time”

  1. Somer Says:

    Do you like it better than YouVersion?


    • Both are good for different reasons. YouVersion has a lot going for it. User friendly, easy to master, great for following along at church, and lots of free versions that can be downloaded. Olive Tree is good is you are going for a more robust features especially the ability to access references and resources (free and paid stuff available) for in-depth study. It has really good note taking and highlighting tool features and seamless integration with reference material sets it apart from YouVersion. In some ways, it can be an affordable alternative to the heavyweight and really expensive Logos software which starts at a base price of $700 which is out of reach for many people.

      Hope this helps!


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