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ABCrumble App – Free very limited time September 16, 2011

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ABCrumble for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Today’s app shout out is for ABCrumble iPad app. Seriously, get on your iPad and download this now. This app is normally $1.99 and is being offered for free in honor of the creator’s birthday for a very limited time.

M absolutely loves this app, and I love this app. Loosely based on the Angry Birds game of shooting animals at targets, this game teaches the alphabet and spelling with an engaging animal game interface. M’s older cousins also enjoy playing this app with him. No weird angry birds or freaky pigs here. Also, it is pretty forgiving as every level has a replay button so that your kid can try it over and over until they solve the level.

Highly recommend this app for older toddlers and up. Definitely grab this now!


Update: This app has been improved since my original post. In some ways, it became almost like a new app for M since so many of the levels have been completely redesigned. I still recommend this app, and it is well worth the price to pay for it.


4 Responses to “ABCrumble App – Free very limited time”

  1. Andrew Chew Says:

    Hi L@WS,

    I just chanced upon your review of my app. Many many thanks! Really glad M and cousins love it. Folks like you make my effort worthwhile and motivate me to write more.

    Do continue to review apps in general so that other users can benefit… 🙂



  2. Andrew Chew Says:

    Thanks again L@WS! 🙂 May I quote your review in my blog?


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