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Shark Steam Pocket Mop September 8, 2011

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Shark Steam MopWelcome to Shark® | Official Site.

I just remembered that I meant to post my review of the Shark Euro Steam Mop. I know you probably have all see the commercials and wondered whether or not this thing actually works. Amazingly it does. I highly recommend this mop. It is quite easy to use and no chemicals involved. Currently there is the professional version for sale at Costco that has a $20 off coupon deal that expires this weekend.

First, I try not to buy first generation products, so I have been following and reading reviews about steam mops for a couple of years now. I finally pulled the trigger and bought one about 8 or 9 months ago. I tested this baby on my house and then on my dad’s house.

Test 1: My house has hardwood floors, tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms and marble in the entryway. As with many Asian households, we don’t wear shoes in the house so the amount of dirt and grime that gets tracked in is fairly minimal. To really put the steam mop to the test, I went swiffered and mopped the floors the way I normally do. Then I cleaned the floor all over again with the steam mop. I was amazed at how much dirt came up off supposedly clean floors.

Test 2: My dad’s house has a lot of bamboo hardwood flooring and tile. Even though everyone else never wears shoes in the house, my dad sometimes can’t be bothered with taking off his shoes which used to drive my mom seriously nuts. Unless I clean the floors there, no one is going to clean those floors. It is obviously dirty. My family keeps a set of socks for use only at my dad’s house because sometimes it gets so grimy that no amount of bleach is ever going to get those socks white again. Recently, I got smarter and switched my family to gray socks to avoid the whole issue all together. The steam mop did a fantastic job on steaming off that buildup and grime. I had to use both mop heads and on both sides. Boy, where those things black with all the dirt that was picked up. My current solution is to drag the mop up with me and clean the floors whenever I visit my dad these days.

The ultimate test will be finally using this bad boy on my in-laws house whose house has at least 2,000 sq ft of hardwood and tile. Even though everyone is not supposed to wear shoes in the house, I can not figure out for the life of me how and why the floors stay so dirty. I will definitely update with the results of my ultimate test.

Highly recommend this product.



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