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abc Notes app – $0.99 for limited time. September 7, 2011

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abc Notes – Checklist & Sticky Note Application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

I love this app so much that I am posting about it again for those that missed out on their free deal that only lasted 24 hours. It is being discounted to $0.99 for a limited time. This app is normally $4.99.

This is what I wrote in my first shout out for this app: Sorry, Sticky Pad app, it is time for you and I to part ways. ABC notes blows you out of the water. I love the features of this app, you can have multiple lists including checklists on multiple bulletin boards. This makes organizing separate boards for each family member so much easier plus with plenty of room left over for your multi-tasking self. It really makes adapting Stephen Covey’s time management matrix ( a cinch.

Cool features include emailing notes, rectangular stickies, taking a “pic” of your bulletin board and using it as your desktop, syncing between iOS devices. You can copy and move text to other applications. Now, there is no excuse for misplacing the honey do and shopping lists since you can make sure all the lists are synced and up to date. Seriously, who is going to lose their phone and email access. All kinds of awesome for organizing gurus, and the easy UI makes it very useable for anyone.

Highly recommended for everyone and well worth the $0.99 to buy.



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