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ABC – for car nuts app – free this week! September 7, 2011

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abc – for car nuts for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Today’s app shout out is for ABC for car nuts app for the iPad (supposedly you can find a iPhone version, but it doesn’t show up in the iTunes store). If you have kid that is majorly into all things cars, this British voiced app is a great way to indulge his love for cars while teaching ABCs. You learn car brands and lots of vocabulary related to cars. Even though this is Brit English, it is a fun little app out of Sweden made by a dad for his son using a Montessori inspired approach.

You can toggle between lower and uppercase letters. There is a matching game to play with upper and lowercase letters. An alphabet sorting/ordering feature. The best feature of this app is the option for your kid to add cars to his app garage as they spot them out and about. It even keeps track of the day you added that car make to your garage, and you can keep adding sightings. What a fun way to reinforce learning on the go and to provide something to do on car rides. There are multiple makes per letter in the garage, however some makes will be hard to spot in the US since some are clearly European makers which are just not as common here. Recommended for toddlers and preschoolers.



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