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Diet book for school kids?!? August 24, 2011

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Diet book aimed at children causes uproar – Los Angeles Times.

To be honest, I have not read this children’s book. I’m really not sure I want to because the concept of this book makes me quite uncomfortable. I think that it is important that girls have a good self-image and live a healthy active lifestyle for the sake of themselves and not because of what other people think about them.

I just find myself at the crossroads of a cultural and societal dilemma. How did we arrive in the place that we have at the same time an epidemic of childhood obesity side-by-side with major problem of anorexia and bulimia with boys and girls even among those who are just old enough to start school?

It is a perplexing problem. I think about how much parents obsess over this issue of the trifecta of early childhood issues (eating, sleeping and pottying). Sometimes, I think we as adults project a lot of our own issues onto our children. Other times, I think that we are a very neurotic, narcissistic society. And still other times, I think that this is very much a First World problem that because our basic needs are pretty much met, we seem to create these new problems in our society to struggle with because we don’t worry for the most part about food, water, shelter and basic safety.

What do you think about this book, the LA times review, or how our society and culture relates to food?



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