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Space Bunnies App August 19, 2011

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Space Bunnies for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Today’s app shout out is for Space Bunnies by Shock Panda which is currently free for a limited time in the App store. There is a free lite version for Droid users as well.

This very cute game is simple and fun to play for young and older gamers. The touch and tilt interface is easy to use and master for the novice gamer. You zoom around the universe going from planet to planet to rescue other space bunnies. You refuel along the way and try to avoid bumping into the asteroids, the sun and what appears to be black holes that suck energy.

M loves to flick his “bunny” all other the place in which looks like a pinball in a very elaborate pinball machine game skin. The graphics are really sharp and for once the sound effects are not annoying or grating. I really like how the game play teaches cause and effect and simple geometry and physics concepts. Highly recommend this app.



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