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Archiving Posts August 18, 2011

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For those that know me IRL via FB, I will be posting a series of posts from FB to archive them for easy reference. Please excuse me if I appear some of the posts seem slightly familiar. I will be writing more comprehensive posts than is possible in a FB status update.



My Play Chef App

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My Play Chef

Today’s app shout out is for My Play Chef Lite. There are versions for iPhone, iPad and Android. There is a paid version available for $1.99.

M likes to pretend play that he is cooking with this app. It is a fun, simple app that lets him “make” pancakes, pasta, sandwiches or cupcakes. His creations get saved until he “eats” them. He gets excited about making his own choices about the ingredients which allows for variation in the creation. The app also teaches basic sequencing and logic skills. So much fun when he tells me that he is done making “mein mein” ( noodles) or done baking a cake.



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