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Hello there… August 17, 2011

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For many different reasons, I have decided to start this blog…way, way after the heyday of blogging. So, pull up a iPad, laptop or whatever mobile device you have yourself chained to and come along this ride we call life. There are no particular themes to this blog except what catches my interest, and what I think might catch yours.

I am that friend that you probably have in your life who likes to find great deals, tell you about the latest restaurant I tried, test recipes and products, share tips & tricks, finding great new apps for the iPad, and for good or bad has an opinion on just about anything and everything. The one thing I will steer clear of is any mention of politics. Not that I don’t have opinions or enjoy a vigorous debate, but I think it has a tendency to polarize. There is a separate time and place for those sorts of things in life.

I will share about my faith, lessons that God is teaching me, things I am learning about or pique my interest, my adventures in homeschooling my almost 3 year old, parenting, and the juggling act I call life. Sometimes, things will be light hearted and funny and other times deep and reflective and probably everything in between. I look forward to see what sort of community develops here and what learnings that will come my way through you.

L@WS aka Life at Warp Speed


2 Responses to “Hello there…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Congrats on starting your blog! I will definitely be following along!


  2. Sandra Says:

    Fanstastic! Looking forward to reading your blog (and no doubt, getting great tips along the way)


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