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RoboSockets game app – Free for limited time! August 31, 2011

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RoboSockets: Link Me Up for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Just noticed this game app just went to free. It is an interesting game for both kids and adults. It has a 4 1/2 star rating in iTunes. Definitely an interesting using robots in the Tetris game genre. Grab this for to entertain your school-age or older kids.


Here are the online reviews listed on their developer page.

9/10) “If you like cleverly designed puzzle games with a decent amount of strategic depth, this is absolutely worth it.” –

(9/10) “RoboSockets works because it has just the right level of difficultly, plenty of game modes and a perfect blend of old fashioned puzzle with a new twist.” –

(4/5) “…brain-tickling challenge that feels entirely unique. A great choice for anyone after an original puzzling experience.” –

(4/5) “…you start playing for five minutes over your lunch break and the next minute, an hour has gone and you’ve forgotten to eat anything.” –

(4/5) “If you’re in the mood for a very good and well-put-together puzzle game, RoboSockets could be just what the doctor ordered.” –

“Definitely one of the more interesting falling block games that I’ve seen in a while…” –

“RoboSockets is pretty impressive – it puts an interesting new spin on one of the oldest game genres out there.” –


$45 for a 16×20 wrapped canvas enlargement.

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Canvas on Demand Deal of the Day | Groupon San Jose.

I really like the way certain photos look when enlarged as canvas print. This is something that would make your family portrait, your baby’s picture or maybe a wedding photo reprint look great up on your walls at home or your office. This deal includes shipping and handling of your enlargement, and they also will do some complimentary fixes to your image. You just have to place your order by 11/15/11 to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.

This is an on-line offer from Canvas On Demand for $45 ($126.95 value). You can also apply your groupon toward $126.95 worth of value towards any of their services just in case 16×20 is way too big of an enlargement for you.



Free Tempura Twinkie from Sumo Grub

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100% off at Sumo Grub by Munch On Me Oakland | Yipit.

I can feel my arteries clogging up from just contemplating this deal. Yeah, it’s from the infamous Sumo Grub, home of the tempura pizza, tempura mac and cheese, tempura Oreos, and tempura cheesecake. It has even been featured on Food Network. Yes, if you are wondering there are non-deep fried choices available that don’t need an at risk of a cardiac arrest warning.

For those that truly live dangerously, you can do the Tempura Triple Bypass. It consists of  three tempura patties, topped with two onion rings multiplied by 3. You have to consume this in 15 minutes. It costs $25 to try this, but it is free if you win. Then lucky you gets a t-shirt that proclaims that “My Arteries Survived The Sumo Grub Challenge” and your mug goes up the hall of fame. Fail the challenge and you get your picture on the hall of shame.

Pick up your free Tempura Twinkie at the link at the top. Here is their yelp link



Review: Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott

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The Alchemyst | Michael Scott.

Just finished The Alchemyst, the latest offering by Michael Scott in his The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. I am loving this series and can’t wait until the next book comes out. A very imaginative and creative weaving of countless historical figures into an intricate plot in a highly readable fantasy young adult/junior fiction series. The author touches on many myths from any number of cultures. It is set primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area which is great fun for those readers that live in the area to see how he uses our geography, landmarks and famous local personalities.

For those who are fans of Harry Potter, this is an excellent entry into that genre. I highly recommend for school-age kids and preteens (and adults that enjoy this sort of fiction).



Preschool University Apps – Free

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ABC SPELLING MAGIC Short Vowel Words for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Whenever I see an app from Preschool University for free, I download it right away. They generally put out pretty good quality language arts apps. ABC Spelling 1 app (linked above) is about learning to spell 3 letter short vowel words. I like that you can adjust difficulty levels by turning phonetic sound hints on or off and toggling from 3 letter display or offering the entire alphabet to select from. The words are grouped by vowel sounds which is great if you are working on a specific vowel. There is also a shuffle feature which mixes up the spelling practice.

I highly recommend any of their spelling, phonics or reading apps. Click through to their developer page to see their library of apps. There is a wide variety available for free. For Spanish learners, I did notice a few free apps now, but I can’t comment on how good those apps are.

Have fun helping your young learners become great readers!



Hello Rocket Lite App August 30, 2011

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Hello Rocket Lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Today’s app shout out is for one of M’s favorite games: Hello Rocket for iPhone and iPad. It has a easy to master touch and tilt interface to operate the rocket.  Simple to play and great fun as you try to navigate the rocket to catch the stars through increasingly challenging levels to land safely on target before running out of fuel. Try out the lite version. It costs $1.99 to upgrade to the full version. We would totally buy this one again.



Free appetizer and Free Ice Cream Deal

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100% off at Uncle Dougie’s by Munch On Me Oakland | Yipit.

That’s right you can claim this deal for a free eggplant parmesan mini hero sandwich appetizer from Uncle Dougie’s in Oakland. That’s right!  It’s free!

Plus you also claim the other deal (found at the same link above, look at the left hand menu) for a free ice cream sandwich from Cream in Berkeley. Yup! Free again.

I am definitely getting hungry now.



30% Off Everything at Gymboree

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Gymboree: 30% Off Everything – Gymboree Circle Of Friends Starts Thursday!.

I thought I would share the 30% coupon off everything at Gymboree. Good for online and in-store purchases. They are doing their Circle of Friends savings. You can earn Gymbucks during this promo. Promo starts this Thursday, 9/1 through 9/5. Great deals to be had if you can find things you like in the clearance racks and take that additional 30% off.

Tip: You can at certain stores, shop the day before and place your selections on hold for purchase the next day. You have to inquire about that though. Hope no one gets upset that I tipped you all to this.



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